A New Reroute for the Ice Age Trail

Ice Age Trail AllianceThe Marathon County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance will be hosting two trail building events this spring and summer.  The two Mobile Skills events are scheduled for May 17-21, and August 9-13.  The workday begins at 8 each day and usually ends around 4:30pm.  The Alliance chapter hopes to open this reroute  between the Mountain-Bay Trail and Popular Lane this summer.  This reroute will leave the Mountain-Bay State Trail a short distance west of Duncan Road reducing the distance which the Ice Age Trail follows the Mountain-Bay State Trail.   This is part of a much larger reroute between the Mountain-Bay State Trail and County Highway N.

Additional information on volunteering  is available here. http://www.iceagetrail.org/volunteer/mobile-skills-crew-program/


How One Teacher Uses A Rail-Trail to Help Students Learn and Grow

Meet Lah Thao.  Lah Thao is a teacher affiliated with the Enrich Excel Achieve Learning Academy, http://eea.wausauschools.org/school_information, a public charter school located on the campus of Wausau East High School in Wausau.   The school is for students  in grades 6-12 and geared to teach students who do not fit in traditional public school classroom settings….

Geocaching: A New Game Happening on the Mountain-Bay Trail

Often at times people do more than just biking or hiking on rail-trails.   If you check out this Youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbhisyYXsT0, you will find out that this has been happening for nearly the entire length of the Mountain-Bay State Trail. The Marathon County segment has yet to be geocached so you can join in here.

Open Streets: A Celebration Of Healthy Lifestyles

For the first time ever the City of Wausau will be hosting an Open Streets event on Wausau’s East side.   Wausau’s Open Streets event will be on May 21 from 12:00 to 4:00pm.   The route will on Third Street from Third & Washington to Wausau Avenue and then back on the River Edge…

A Link to the Past: The Wausau to Green Bay C&NW Line

One of the pluses of Facebook is the connections that are there with railroad groups.   As a result, I have added a link to a collection of photos of the Chicago & Northwestern as it operated on the last run in 1993.   Please check it out.

Trail Link: A Great App For Rail Trails

Over on the sidebar of this site, you will find a link for TrailLink.com.   This site is operated by the Rails-To Trails Conservancy and is loaded with information on any rail-trail in the United States.   This is a valuable help in planning your next ride or just checking out a trail near you….

Mountain Bay State Trail In Autumn

Traveling the Mountain – Bay State Trail in autumn is a trip for the eyes as the season changes. The Trail offers intimate views of the environment as it crosses the eastern half of Marathon County and into Shawano County in Wisconsin. Through the forests and tamarack swamps that the trail passes, as the season…

Who Uses The Trail?

  Have you ever wondered who really uses a rail-trail?   On a fine June afternoon, while on an assignment for the Marathon County Health Department to do bicycle and pedestrian traffic surveys.  I chose to take a seat at the Mountain-Bay State Trail’s intersection with Zinser Street in the Village of Weston.  My survey…

A Way to Get Around Wausau

Most of the communities in the Wausau Metro Area  have been working on providing a safe way to help guide cyclists through the Wausau area on family friendly routes.   Our communities are committed to showing the public that the bicycle is a practical means of transportation in addition to being a great form of…

Memorial To Will Sanford

Will Sanford had for a long time been a driving force behind the Friends of the Mountain-Bay State Trail and the Marathon County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail Alliance.   Will had contributed much to both organizations.   I personally remember working with him on a clean-up of the Ringle segment of the Ice Age Trail…

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