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Navigating through Shawano.

Navigating through Shawano.

Of the 83 miles of the Mountain-Bay Trail, over 60 cross Shawano county from east to west. “Shawano” is derived from the “shaw-an-aw” and means “South” in the Menominee Indian Language. Shawano county boasts a unique balance of agriculture, industry and business. Dairy farming predominates, with Shawano County being within the top 20 largest dairy producing counties in the U.S. and 40% of the county is made up of forest and contains over forty lakes and many miles of streams. The largest lake in the county is Shawano Lake, spreading out over 6,000 acres of clean, inviting water.

Below you will find Trail information for Shawano County, including Trail Rules, Trail User Fees, Trail Description and a Map, and Contact Numbers for additional information. Please note that this information varies slightly between Marathon, Shawano and Brown Counties.

Trail Rules – Shawano County

Each of the three counties the trail passes through has different regulations for trail usage. Contact the respective county park departments {listed on map) for details governing trail usage.

Shawano County requires that Mountain-Bay Trail users observe the following Code of Ethics / Rules for Trail Users:

  • I will be a good sports enthusiast. I recognize that people will judge all trail users by my actions. I will use my influence with other trail users to promote fair conduct.
  • I will not pollute streams. I will not litter trails or camping areas. I will place refuse in containers provided.
  • I will not damage living trees, shrubs, or other nature’s features.
  • I will stay on marked trails.
  • I will respect other peoples property and rights.
  • I will not interfere with other trail users. I will respect their rights to enjoy our recreational facilities.
  • I will not harass wildlife.
  • I will lend a helping hand to persons in distress.
  • I will know and obey all federal, state, and local laws and rules regulating recreational trail usage.
  • I will not allow my pets to run freely on the recreational trails.

Trail User Fees – City Of Shawano

Passes are not needed for biking, hiking or walking dogs in the  city. This regardless of age.

Dogs may be walked on the trail. They need to be leashed at all times and cleaned up after.

No ATVs are allowed on the trail through Shawano County as well as in the city limits of Shawano .

For more information, contact the Shawano City Hall at (715)-526-6138



Passes are needed for people ages 16 and up for:

biking, horseback riding, horses pulling a carriage or wagon.

All people(16 and older) must have a pass with them when riding in a carriage or wagon that is pulled by a horse.

NO motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail other than motorized wheelchairs.

Passes must be on you at all times.

Passes are not needed for hiking or walking dogs.

Dogs may be walked on the trail. They need to be leashed at all times and cleaned up after.

For more information, contact the Shawano County Park Department.715-526-5216 .

Daily Trail Pass: $5.00 -This pass is valid only for the day of purchase and can be used on all sections of the Mountain-Bay Trail. Daily passes are also available at self-registration stations along the trail.

Annual Trail Pass: $25.00 – This pass is valid all year on ALL State trails. These passes may be purchased at the locations stated below, or at any other county park department or DNR office.

There are no specific trail fees for snowmobilers. These users already pay user fees through registration and licensing.

Daily trail passes are available at locations along the trail. Annual trail passes are available from the County Clerk’s Office, County Courthouse, 311 North Main Street, Shawano, WI 54166

Trail Description and Map

Bike Shawano

Just as its neighbor to the west is working to full-fill a metro area plan for the Wausau area, Shawano County is in the process of compiling  a county-wide bicycle and pedestrian plan.   Since 60 miles of the Mountain-Bay State Trail passes through Shawano County, the trail is to be a major part of the plan.   After all, the Mountain-Bay State Trail is a connector of communities in Shawano County.   Trail-heads are located at the depot in Eland, the Ranger Station in Bowler, Thornton, City of Shawano,  Bonduel, Zachow, and Pulaski. Each of these cities has shops and restaurants located near the trail, so there are plenty of opportunities to get off and relax a while on your journey.  Keep in mind thought that the rail lines in Shawano  are active.   There is a route charted on the map.   Clicking on “Bike Shawano”  will bring up the PDF of the map of Shawano County where you will see the route through the city.

The driving force behind all of this is SPOKES.   SPOKES  stands for Shawano Pathways Organization for Kids, Environment,  and Safety.  To read more ab out them, visit

Contact for More Information in Shawano County

Shawano Country Chamber of Commerce
1263 S. Main Street
Shawano, WI 54166
715-524-2139 / 800-235-8528
Office Hours:
M-F 8 AM to 5 PM
Sat 10AM to 3 PM

The Chamber has added a 24-hour Visitor Information Center.

The Chamber of Commerce sells annual passes and has bike maps.

Shawano County Snowmobile Association
200 North Main Street
Shawano, WI 54166
715-524-4349(24 hr. trail info recorded daily)

Please contact the Chamber of Commerce for additional information.


Cobblestone Hotel & Suites

1220 Mountain Bay Drive

Pulaski, WI 54162



Phone: (920) 822-0822

Fax: (866) 370-7592



Facebook page:

Just off the Trail in Pulaski with snowmobile parking at the hotel.


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