Along the Marathon County portion of the trail, there is a series of 12 signs picturing early history of the county and the former railroad right-of-way on which the trail is constructed.

  1. WELCOME TO THE MOUNTAIN-BAY STATE TRAIL–RAILROAD HISTORY . . . at the East end of the Weston trailhead parking lot facing North.
  2. OVER THE HILLS AND THROUGH THE WOODS. . . at the East end of the open space by Dale’s Weston Lanes where all the snowmobilers park, facing South.
  3. CALLON WAS ONCE HUMMING WITH ACTIVITY. . . on the West end of Kluck’s yard, facing the bar.
  4. EAU CLAIRE RIVER WAS A HIGHWAY FOR RIVERMEN. . . by the Eau Claire River picnic site, to the left of the driveway facing the river.
  5. THIS IS THE HOMETOWN OF “RINGLE RED BRICK“. . . east of town facing North toward the remains of the brickyard.
  6. BEAVERS CONTINUE TO CHANGE THE LANDSCAPE. . . by the large wetland East of Ringle where the beavers keep building dams . . . facing North.
  7. EXPLORE THE ICE AGE NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL. . . at the wetland East of Ringle, East of the beaver dams, facing North.
  8. BOULDERS WERE CARRIED HERE BY GLACIERS. . . at the intersection of the Ice Age Trail facing North near Ringle.
  9. HISTORIC HATLEY-A CANADIAN CONNECTION. . . in town facing South looking at the old Shilo Hotel.
  10. A BRIDGE TO THE PAST. . . facing South at the East end of the 1337 foot bridge.
  11. PROTECTING THE WETLANDS-A LESSON FROM THE PAST. . . by the big stand of Giant Reed grass facing South.
  12. NORRIE THRIVED ON LUMBER AND AGRICULTURE. . . at the Norrie Lake beach area to the West end facing South.
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